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Lydia Speaks

Lydia the Speaker

Encouraging hearts, Engaging minds.

A wealth of knowledge and experience is what you can draw from Lydia's presentations.  She is an international speaker who has graced the stage teaching and sharing the various lessons her journey.  Whether is it a corporate event, educational workshop, faith based message or something you would like to have a customized presentation for, Lydia is passionate about serving and teaching.

As a speaker...See Lydia in action here

We were extremely blessed to have Lydia Elle pour into the men and women she spoke to at the annual 10 Thousand Standing Women’s Conference. Her candor and wisdom was a breath of fresh air that helped others achieve the freedom and healing they were so desperately seeking.
— Dr. DaNella Knight - #10ThousandStanding, Founder

Clients include: Lit College Tour hosted at California State University, West Coast Youth Conference, Burman University, Genesis Gardena Community Church, Environmental Charter School, The Renaissance Women Project, Loma Linda University and The State Department

Time and time again I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Lydia connect with her audience using her unique storytelling abilities and delivery style. I always leave her presentations and her presence feeling lifted!
— Gamal Alexander - Southern California Conference

Corportate events and seminars

With over 10 years of corporate experience and eventually working at the Pentagon in analytics, Lydia Elle speaks on a variety of topics centered around Mothers in leadership, Women and work/life balance and Maintaining your Millennials.  

Single Mothers in the workplace
In an ever changing work space environment, Lydia discusses with employers who they can make adjustments that help accommodate the needs of all their employees, including single mothers and the benefits that this awareness will bring to their organization

Maintaining the Millennial
The average millennial changes jobs every 5 years, and Lydia gives practical advice into why they feel the need for this move and what organizations can do to foster an environment of growth so they keep some of their best investments for the long term.

Having it all is realizing you don't want it all. 

Discovering that all you need is what is already in you and the beauty is enjoying the process instead of being so focused on the destination

Faith and Ministry events

A Masters degree in Pastoral Services and extension experience in ministry leadership, Lydia speaks to hearts from her own faith journey.  Whether to women's groups, single's, or for a service she discusses her journey and expounds from her best selling book, And So I Prayed, on the power that God and her faith has had in her life.

Feel it, Don't Fuel It
Sharing some key applications for strong emotional intelligence in difficult situations. Showing the audience how to flow through their natural emotions and apply what God is trying to teach while they are in it.

The Prayer of a Single Mother
Discussing the  reality that single parenthood has in the church and how one can live in this new space both serving the church and how the church can serve them. (for single father's too)

A Time to Weep
Sharing the essential need to be authentic in hard experiences and the release that will come once we allow ourselves to weep as Jesus did.

education and workshops

Holding 4 degrees and being a drop out of a Phd program herself, Lydia can speak to education and the journey that it takes to overcome obstacles from both perspectives.  Presentations can be tailored for elementary school through to University clients.

Failing forward
Telling the story of Lydia Elle failing in Calculus and then going on to be an analyst for one of the top mathematic organizations within the Department of Defense

Feel it, Don't Fuel It
Sharing some key applications for strong emotional intelligence in difficult situations. Showing the audience how to flow through their natural emotions and apply all it is trying to teach while they are in it. 

How to decide now what not to be 
Understanding the importance of decision making skills now and how they will affect your future.