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Press and Media


Press and Media

Whether singing, speaking or being a guest on a podcast, Lydia uses each opportunity to share her lessons to the best of her ability...and has lots of fun too!

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Thrive Global -

'The Intent of Purpose'

This article discussing the confusing surrounding the recent popular term 'purpose' and how we can all figure out what ours is.  Written for Arianna Huffington's latest blog, Lydia delves into and clears up confusion surrounding these concepts.

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Lydia Speaks

As a guest of the prestigious, Loma Linda University, Lydia was called to share her story with the faculty and student body.  

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Lydia supports Pharrell Williams

What I Broke - A 'Situationship' Story

Lydia talks about all she learned from heartbreak and what she needed to take from the experience into her next relationship.  

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Alessia Cara on The Ellen Show

As a background singer, Lydia has had the pleasure of supporting Alessia Cara most recently in her performance on the 2017 Radio Disney Awards.  Singing Soprano to her chart topping song, Scars to Your Beautiful, Lydia enjoys support Alessia with this song as it has such a powerful message

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Expert Guest - Journey to Balance podcast

Lydia shares her philosphy for balancing her daily responsibilities of homeschooling her daughter, singing, public speaking and writing.  

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Here Lydia's story as she is a guest on Natural born Speakers with Alison.   She discusses her secrets for speaking (all from memory) and why she believes in the importance of an authentic story.

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The power of Faith

A guest speaker for the Renaissance Woman Conference in NY, Lydia shared on the power of faith in her life and for her business.  

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And So I Prayed, The First 40 days

If you haven't read Lydia's book, 'And So I Prayed,' be sure to pick up a copy in the Londelle shop or check it out on Amazon.  So many people have been blessed by her words and her message.

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Fashion and Faith

During the pre-release of her book, Lydia shined as the bombshell of the day for FashionBombDaily.  See the full piece.

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Best Seller Status within hours of release

Within 6 hours of the release of her debut book, Lydia catapulted to top of her prayer category along with multiple other chart topping statuses on Amazon.  The story, covered by numerous new sources, was highlighted in Wall Street Select.  

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